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Whether online or in person, these hour-long programs reflect my respect for quilt and surface design traditions and innovations. My fine art and art history background, as well as my decades of quilt making are resources.


A digital projector is required.  I bring an armload of quilts to share. Fee is $350. 


My goal is to help students develop their own voices. Stitching & design classes  are process- not product-oriented. Shorter workshops teach basics; longer ones allow time for experimen-tation, extended projects and advanced techniques. Work shops can be combined into multi-day classes.


Fee is $600 a day. Ask about a local discount.

On Line Workshops

I prefer a half-day session  with a follow up. This offers  opportunities to share work and avoids computer fatigue. 


Students need dye experi-ence if applicable and supply  materials.


Contact me for information. Current classes include

shibori stitching on folds & 

katano; also itajime.  I offer boro & kantha quilting as slow stitch workshops.  


Working  with a variety of materials--dyes, paints, and resists, etc.--shorter classes are a thorough introduction and longer workshops can take  a broad approach by combining topics, or they can concentrate in depth on more limited techniques.


Fee is $600 a day. Ask about a local discount.

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