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I. Assigned “Roll of Film”

This is a BEFORE-CLASS exercise recommended to give your eyes some practice at looking at a variety of potential picture ideas.  Either shoot or pretend to shoot the following with a film camera or digitally.  Try a couple of versions of each of the following categories:


1. put a maximum of 8 objects on a table(a chance to create still lifes or is it  lives!?)

2. a view out a window 

3. a corner of a room

4. a view down a street

5. a landscape looking into the distance (ocean, river, fields, mountains, whatever)

6. a landscape  with objects  closer to you (a backyard, enclosed garden, etc.)


II. Photos Required for the Workshop--Choose 2 of your favorites

1. Bring to class the original snapshot or a digital printout in color. Ideally these should be taken by you or your family. The goal is to have a subject you’ve seen with your own eyes.  Do not bring a postcard or other professional photography, which creates copyright issues.


2. Enlarge 2 of your favorites in black and white, or color, minimally to 11” x 17” or larger, perhaps not more than 24” in any direction. I recommend tarting with “sketches” on a smaller scale, which may be easier. Look for images with high dark light contrast.


III.  Design Supplies Needed 

tracing paper: a pad or a roll. Smaller sheets can be taped together.

fine point Sharpie or other very black smooth writing pen

a mechanical pencil with soft leads AND an eraser

cellophane (Scotch) tape

a ruler 

portable light box for tracing (if you have one. I’ll bring one to share)


IV Fabric Supplies

straight pins

1/2 yard of cotton fabric used as a foundation fabric 

a sampling of fabrics (dark to light, prints, solids) chosen with your photo in mind 


ALSO bring for TWO OR MORE DAY workshop:


if fusing: 

scissors for paper- (if using paper backed fusible) 

2 yards of your favorite fusible 

portable ironing board & iron or tacker (opt)


if raw edge appliqué or boro:

thread appropriate to technique (i.e. sashiko thread for boro)

sewing needles-size to match thread, thimble (optional)

Fabric Glue (Tacky Glue ok)

If there are questions, contact Carol Anne at

Note: projects can be basted in class and sewn by machine at home

 If there are questions, contact Carol Anne at



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