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A one day class gives time to learn the techniques and begin a project. We’ll start small so students can get a lot done in one day.  Additional days are an opportunity to develop a design further, work larger, and perhaps complete a project.


I. Bring to Class

A design idea, abstract or pictorial, worked out on paper OR be ready to improvise.


II. Design Supplies Needed 

tracing paper: a pad or a roll

a soft lead pencil (mechanical pencils are good)

cellophane (Scotch) tape

scissors for paper 


III. Fabric Supplies (for smaller projects, no larger than 15” x 20”)

a sampling of fabrics for the top (random or some to match your design idea)

--dark to light

--prints, solids, those hard-to-use ones okay

--needle-able so not heavy weight 

backing fabric

--one or more if you want to experiment

--maximum 15” x 20”

--not heavy due to hand sewing, dimensions to match your design idea)

batting—light weight, again due to hand sewing, enough to match to backing fabrics


IV. Other Materials

straight pins

hand sewing thread – quilting thread or sashiko thread

sewing needles-size to match thread

thimble (optional but recommended))

Fabric Glue (Tacky Glue ok


If there are questions, contact Carol Anne at

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