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Basic Supplies--Bring to Class

Paper scissors

Masking tape: 1/2” maximum, 1/4” if available

Cellophane tape (Scotch tape)

Mechanical pencil with soft leads (B)


C-thru type ruler, minimum 18”

Tracing paper pad (14” x 17”) or roll (18” wide)


 By Hand or Machine??: 


Student can choose to work by hand or by machine or experiment with both. Thus, a sewing machine is optional.  If by hand only, principles and process can be learned, though progress is slower. Bring the following depending on your choice(s).


Sewing Machine (bobbins, extra needles, power cord--the usual)


 A hoop (sample sizes are small), needles, thimbles, i.e.whatever you use for hand quilting


Thread for Hand and/or Machine: a range of neutrals, white to dark; colors is you wish

Thread snips or scissors 

Straight pins

Seam ripper


 Assemble and Bring 12” Squares to Class for Experimenting:


Baste a cotton top, batting and backing, about 12 inches square with with thread, pins or spray baste. Sample tops can be plain muslin or pieced, fused, painted, etc.  Use your favorite batting--leftovers if you have them. Weight of backing fabric should be heavier for machine quilting, lighter for hand quilting.  Bring at least 5 to quilt in class.  


 Unquilted Projects:  If you have a finished quilt top, baste it to batting  and backing; bring it to class to create a quilt design for it. This is a good opportunity to tackle one of those unfinished projects that has gotten stuck in quilt top limbo.  Or a quilt design you want to plan. If not, bring extra fabric (for top, batting & backing), for experimenting. 


 If you have any questions, contact Carol Anne at See for more information.

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