Portrait Carol Anne

For over thirty years, I’ve combined traditional quilting and shibori dyeing. It was the organic patterns of shibori that helped me find my voice in landscape quilts. Since 1989, landscape has provided abundant inspiration and challenges, giving me more ideas for quilts than I have time to make them. My quilts are usually portraits of specific places and times and often create memories of the “breathing spaces” I’ve experienced.


Like much contemporary art, my quilts are a careful abstract balance of shape and color which is overlaid with line—the quilted stitches. I'm grateful that the struggle to make art decisions is balanced by the physical labor of fabric dyeing and the calm of stitching.


Indigo dyeing continues to reappear in my work, especially in recent years, with experiments in whole cloth stitched resist quilts. I often turn to indigo, not just for art’s sake, but also for my own well being. A measured, calm handling of the indigo vat, not only keeps oxygen out of the dye pot, thus prolonging its life, but it also helps center me in an almost meditative way.


My sense of place emerged in the northeastern part of the U.S., where I’ve lived since 1979. My quilts are in corporate, private and museum collections. They have been exhibited nationally and internationally and have appeared in various publications.


My best critics are my husband of 50 years and members of my crit group. I’ve made my living from my quilts, from shibori dyed wearable art, from teaching and from bookkeeping. My studio is in my home in Cambridge, MA.



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